The South Pacific Lawyers’ Association supports developing law societies and bar associations in the South Pacific.


BSP lawyer attends Australian Bar advocacy course

A lawyer with Bank South Pacific (BSP) was recently awarded an Australian Bar Association scholarship through the South Pacific Lawyers Association (SPLA) to attend the 2016 Effective Trial Advocacy Course in Australia.

Condolences for Mr Ross Ray QC

Mr Ross Ray QC, Chair of the South Pacific Lawyers Association, sadly passed away in May 2016. Mr Ray had a very long association with the South Pacific, and was the inauqural and only Chair of the South Pacific Lawyers Association since 2007. 

You can read the Law Council's media release here.


2nd South Pacific Lawyers Conference 2015 Outcomes Report

The 2nd South Pacific Lawyers' Conference was held on 17-18 September 2015, in Brisbane. The conference was held over two days and was divided into two streams.

Stream One: Practice involved interactive workshops to advance legal skills in the areas of commercial drafting, litigation, mediation and ethics

Stream Two: Reform & Grow examined key topical issues such as women in practice, domestic violence, and strengthening the law societies across the region.

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