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The South Pacific Lawyers' Association (formerly the South Pacific Bars Secretariat) was established in 2007 by the International Bar Association in partnership with the Law Council of Australia and the New Zealand Law Society.


IBA’s Pacific Leaders’ Forum brings together bar leaders from 15 South Pacific countries to discuss support for the legal profession in the region


IBA endorses joint-proposal by Law Council of Australia, New Zealand Law Society and Fiji Law Society to establish a ‘South Pacific Bars’ Secretariat’


IBA provides seed funding to establish South Pacific Bars’ Secretariat

South Pacific Forum and Legal Services

Roundtable delegates from 11 countries vote to establish a Steering Committee to oversee the development of SPBS


First face-to-face meeting of SPLA Steering Committee in Nadi, Fiji


Second face-to-face meeting of Steering Committee held in Perth, Australia


Draft SPLA Constitution endorsed by the Committee


Third face-to-face meeting of Steering Committee held in Brisbane, Australia

Steering Committee resolves to conduct a comprehensive survey of members’ needs

SPLA launches Needs Evaluation Survey of South Pacific Lawyer Associations


Official launch of SPLA and
inaugural AGM in Sydney, Australia

Release of Needs Evaluation Survey

Launch of newSPLAsh 

SPLA and ABA offer inaugural ABA Advocacy Scholarships (now known as the Ross Ray QC Scholarships)


American Samoa Bar Association joins SPLA

SPLA launches South Pacific Model Rules Project


Inaugural SPLA South Pacific Lawyers’ Conference and AGM held in Port Vila, Vanuatu


SPLA admitted as Observer Member of the Pacific Islands Law Officers’ Network (PILON) at PILON Annual Meeting in Tarawa, Kiribati

Release of Women in Law in the South Pacific


Second SPLA South Pacific Lawyers’ Conference and AGM held in Brisbane, Australia


Release of Legal Professional Regulation in the South Pacific
as part of the Model Rules Project

SPLA co-badges Fiji Law Society Annual Conference in Nadi, Fiji

Face-to-face SPLA General Meeting and Executive Meetings made possible due to the sponsorship of the IBA Bar Issues Commission

Release of SPLA CPD Needs Survey



Launch of SPLAhub

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