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SPLA signs Memorandum of Understanding with LAWASIA

16 NOVEMBER 2020

On 16 November, the South Pacific Lawyers' Association (SPLA) and LAWASIA signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with a view to strengthening organisational cooperation, as well as to increase the exchange of information and strengthen person-to-person ties between lawyers in the Asia Pacific region.


The MOU recognises the shared aims and similar objectives of the associations to protect the rule of law, human rights and promote the independence of the legal profession and judiciary.

LAWASIA and SPLA will endeavour to:

  • pursue the possibility of holding joint activities on matters of importance to the legal community;

  • consider releasing joint press statements from time to time on matters of mutual concern;

  • consider opportunities to engage in joint observer missions or like activities;

  • consider offering reciprocal observer status at formal meetings where considered appropriate;

  • encourage participation in each other's events through promotion to their respective memberships,

  • cooperate with each other in arranging their own events so as to minimise the likelihood of overlap or conflict

  • promote and exchange ideas by means of each other’s publications (including publication via the organisations’ websites); and

  • where practicable, invite the president of the other organisation to attend its annual meeting or similar formal occasion in a representative capacity.

Dr Gordon Hughes AM

Chair of SPLA

Chunghwan Choi

President of LAWASIA

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